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How to Overcome Evil

How to Overcome Evil

Chapter Twenty


AU right now. You have studied the goldentheme of Romans l?;l4.2l: Overcome evil with good. You know what that means eoncretely. Now it is time to ac{, if you have not done so already. First, sit down and think about it; who are those who are doing evil things to you at the present time? Christians? Unbelievers? Enemies? Family? Neighbors? Business associates? Then, ask yourself, -How have I responded?’Be candid. Don’t gloss over the facts Pray for wisdom to truly remember and evaluate honestly. Make a sober judgment about how you handled persecution and trouble Next ask God forgiveness for any wrong uncovered. Plan also to seek forgiveness from those whom you wronged at the earliest appropriate moment Also, begin planning how to respond in the future. Keep in mind that you may wen be called on to make a new response when you go to seek forgiveness So don’t put off planning Get toword on it right away. Continue to work on it in all sorts of dimensions for various situations and people for a good while to come. When you play write out what you will do In the Itsht of the enemy’E needs. Study his needs and your resource &, and determine how and when to bring the two together. (Dorft put this off too long either. Get to it before further complications arise.) Heop Bood upoD yout ercmy. Wheo you glao your r€sponse be sure that you plan one that seerm more than adequate. In that way it is unlikely that you will inadequately return good for evil (remember the word heap). Destroy bis effectiveness; win the battle and try to win the man Do what you plan to do with finesse. Plan details, gracrie,e how you will carry out your phn. Pray that God will bring him to repentance May God bless you and your enemies through you

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